We are all on a road, travelling this beautiful life, with all of its ups and downs, until we reach our destination.

For us, Pilgrim Wines brings to life those moments on the road where you find yourself celebrating life with loved ones.

These are treasures and blessings.
Everlasting and remembered forever.

Pilgrim Wines Chenin Blanc 2022

This wine was made from beautiful 35 year old vines planted in decomposed sandstone and clay in the Voor-Paardeberg…

Pilgrim Wines Shiraz 2021

These vines produce amazing fruit on the slopes of Stellenbosch Mountain. The production style is aimed at harnessing fruit and extraction, with focus on spice…

Pilgrim Wines Viura 2023

This white varietal that has its origin in Spain, is a versatile but mysterious grape to make wine from…

Pilgrim Wines Bastardo do Castello 2022

On the slopes of Stellenbosch Mountain, this exciting Jura cultivar’s roots run deep into the decomposed red/brown granitic soils